Actual size: 7" X 16.5" - Victoria & Dash

"Queen Victoria was no exception, during her long life she had many dogs but Dash was especially dear to her heart." 

 The same day in 1837 that she was crowned, she came home to give Dash a bath." I think it is a special and unusual moment for a queen so I picked this lines and created this :)

A custom dog portraits papercut illustration I did. I had a lot of fun doing it!

I believe it is a ..chicken.. but it was supposed to be a turkey haha.

This is a white on white papercut illustration..I have a very hard time taking photo of it..

Playing with light......but again..this is not a very good photograph.. :P

And this is a gift to fav. part is the bag of  poopoo :D

It is a long post, thank you for stopping by!
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The word Heights reminds me of the high ceiling of this piano bar, it is also reminds me the scale of it. it is a 11 X 19" paper cut illustration done by me. I hand cut and glue every pieces and it was a fun process :) hope you will like it.

It is not a very good photograph of it. I will definitely re-upload the photo of it again in the future.This piece is not completely done yet, some areas are still needed to fix. =)

papercraft  11" X 19" *framed 
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